There is an athlete in every one of us, but it takes the right environment to break through your limits. Our team-oriented, group training facility is supportive and dynamic, helping you achieve the unthinkable in our state of the art studio that offers the most accurate and versatile wearable device available displaying your max % heart rate on our in house screens.

We focus on movements we use in everyday life by getting the body to move more dynamically increasing your lean muscle mass resulting in astonishing transformations.

Sessions are team-oriented, competitive and accessible for all! Each session your coaches will put you through an athletic conditioning workout that is never repeated, delivering healthier minds, healthier bodies and knowledge for long lasting results. At UN1T we also offer mobility classes which will be a style of flow dynamic yoga ensuring your body stays more mobile and flexible after our more intense classes. We start the class together as a UN1T and train as 1 to complete the class!

So we ask you…
are you ready to train as a UN1T?



UN1T offer their clients an app powered by MindBody which allows you to book UN1T sessions on the go, learn about the sessions offered, and contact the studio. It’s an easy and convenient solution to booking into UN1T classes!