The 7 Day Challenge - What are the T’s and C’s?

The 7-day challenge provides you access to 7 sessions over the course of 7 CONSECUTIVE days (yes, that means if you start on a Monday, you have until the following Sunday to take classes!). The 7 Day Challenge activates on the day of your FIRST SESSION. Once you buy the pass, you can pre-book into a future session, which will then reset your expiration date (please note – do not worry about the expiration date on your email receipt). You will have access into all the classes on the timetable. This is all accounted for in your one-time payment of £20. (Please read our late cancellation policy carefully)

What amenities do you have at UN1T?

We have the works! Shower facilities, hair dryers/straighteners, and shower towels are all provided free of charge. Sweat towels are provided for your session (trust us, you’ll need it!). If you would like to purchase water, we sell them for £1. Just ask at the front desk!

It’s my first time! What class should I start with?

Welcome to UN1T! We have 8 different styles of classes offering 3 distinct disciplines: cardio, strength, and mobility. All of our classes offer a varied approach to achieving the same result: pushing you and your UN1T out of the comfort zone! Read through the different class descriptions below to pick your poison!

What do the classes mean?

  • Cardio – Entity – The definition of entity is ‘a thing with distinct and independent existence.’ Whilst Tabata is a traditional style workout, it won’t be like any other Tabata class you’ve ever tried. Each UN1T that enters will experience our twist on a classic to form their entity with their teammates around them.
  • Cardio – Grind – Welcome to the daily Grind. This cardio class is about testing your limits! A strategic blend of time on each exercise will get your heart rate up, and force you to speed up when you thought of slowing down. It’s time for the Monday Grind – let’s push past mental and physical boundaries together.
  • Strength – Legion – A legion is a group of people in great numbers. This class is all about fatiguing your muscle group through overloading. With this science based workout, we will focus on one muscle group at a time to give you the quickest and most sustainable route possible to fat loss! In great numbers, we can do great things, and there is a GREAT number of reps to be performed.
  • Cardio – ALLY – Allegiances will be necessary to complete our most partner based class. With a focus on cardio, you’ll be given a task to complete with your ally. Complete the amount of reps per exercise within the given amount of time and your allegiance will only get stronger. We get stronger together.
  • Strength – Force – Here at UN1T, we train as one and our Force strength based workout embodies this. Training in a circle, we face each other throughout the class to complete this full-body, muscle building workout. Don’t let your fellow UN1T across the room off with any less than they can lift!
  • Cardio – Regiment – This cardio frenzy based class is all about pushing you way out of your comfort zone! With 30 seconds per exercise to complete, your trainer will ask you to split exertion levels, pushing it near max for 20 seconds, and going hell for leather for 10 seconds of each exercise. We have you hitting speeds you didn’t know possible, pulling from reserving energies you were sure weren’t there and leaving the gym bouncing with a new-found vigor! Leave it all on the floor for Regiment.
  • Cardio + Strength – PB – PB, meaning Personal Best, is a class where we combine strong compound lifts and HIIT training in one session. The programme is designed to help members achieve their best lifts, in a supportive and structured environment. The HIIT unit will push you out of your comfort zone, and deliver results even faster. This is athletic conditioning at its purest!
  • SATURDAY – SIGNATURE CLASS – Trooper – A circuit with a competitive twist! This is a team based workout that is different for every single person in the class. The timing isn’t structured which means each student needs to fit in as much work, at as high intensity as possible, as soon as they get on their station. With each class competing against each other to get as many laps as possible, it’s truly a team effort. We want to hear your teammates from across the room cheering you on and motivating you right to the end! The Super Trooper will be given free smoothie for that one student who pushes the extra mile and is awarded Trooper of the class!
  • MOBILITY: Yoga for Athletes – A dynamic Vinyasa flow, our teachers are versed in the areas of the body our athletes need to mobilize. Let your body have the recovery it deserves, and improve your performance through integrated mobility classes.

It’s My First Time! What do I need to know?

We advise members to arrive 15 minutes before class, so that you can find the studio and prepare for class. Our team will take you through the game plan, so you know exactly how to tackle the class. Check in with our front of house, pre-order a protein smoothie order should you wish, and mentally prepare for the session! Please make note we will not allow members to enter class if you are late*

How far in advance can I book a class?

Classes open 10 days in advance, so you can pre-book into prime-time spots.

What is the UN1T cancellation policy?

We operate a 12-hour cancellation policy. This policy is in respect of your fellow UN1T members. If you do not cancel your spot outside of this 12-hour window OR miss the class entirely, you are eligible to pay the cancellation fee of £5. Please note during your 7 Day Challenge Pass, you are eligible to pay the £20 drop in fee.

I’ve loved my trial sessions. How do I become a member?

Super! We knew you’d love the classes! All our membership options can be found on our booking site. We offer both long term contracts, month to month rolling plans, and class bundles. If you have any questions, please email us at fulham@unitlondon.co.uk or londonbridge@unitlondon.co.uk.

I would love a post-class smoothie. How do I purchase one?

We partner with Neat Nutrition to whip up the most delicious protein smoothies in London. Pre-order at the front desk before your class to ensure your smoothie is ready once your class has finished. All smoothies can be made with vegan or whey protein and cost £5. This charge can be paid in cash, or on the credit card on file.

Do you have parking?

All parking is street parking outside both studios. Please budget in extra time to find a spot nearby!

What is the easiest way to get to the studio?

UN1T Fulham – Our studio is located on Wandsworth Bridge Road, equal distance from both Parson’s Green and Fulham Broadway stations. We are located just next to Sainsbury’s.

UN1T London Bridge – Our studio is located on Borough High Street, between Borough High Street Station and London Bridge Station. We are located next to Subway’s, and you must walk to the car park to access the staircase leading into the studio.