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Meet Team UN1T: Rory Williams

Posted 1st Oct 2018

Meet team UN1T: Rory Williams

This week’s meet team UN1T is with Rory Williams. Bringing is army background to UN1T, Rory is always challenging our members to step out of their comfort zones and become faster, stronger and fitter. We sat down with Rory to find out more about how he got started in the fitness industry, his favourite UN1T class and what he opts for in his pre-workout meal.

Welcome Rory! First off, how did you get started in a career in the fitness industry and as a personal trainer?
Rory: I actually fell into a fitness career in my army days. I was selected to attend a physical training instructor course, which would allow me to train and prepare the men and women deployed around the world on various operations. I also had the chance to work with physios and doctors on rehabilitating injured troops.

I left the army in 2015, but while I was there, I obtained the qualifications for me to pursue a personal training career.


What made you join UN1T?
Rory: I have always enjoyed teaching in group class environments, and UN1T allows me to do this as a career. So, for me, it was a perfect fit.


If you had to pick one, what would be your favourite UN1T class?

Rory: Squad or any of the competitive classes. Personally, there is nothing better than working together to beat the other teams in the room. In such competitive classes, you find out who the real hard workers are, the members with the most grit, and the ones that are willing to put themselves into some dark places for the win. It’s not normally who you expect either.


And what stands out to you about UN1T and its members?
Rory: It has to be the members stepping out of their comfort zone. Our members are interested in becoming fitter, faster and stronger, rather than just going through the motions, and are always asking questions and wanting to learn.


Is there one thing inside or outside of UN1T that keeps you motivated?
Rory: I’ve been teaching at UN1T for nearly two years, and for me, it’s the progression of the members. From when we first launched UN1T to now, the improvements of the long-time members is ridiculous.


We know you love UN1T, but if you’re not in the studio, where could we find you? Rory: I would probably be in the gym anyway doing a few bicep curls…or sat at home watching Harry Potter on repeat in my pants with a box of Maltesers.


What do you love to do outside of fitness and training…and eating Maltesers?
Rory: I like to get out of London as much as possible in my time off. Traveling is a big one for me. I want to get around the world and see different countries and experience as much culture as possible. Exploring in Patagonia has always been on my bucket list and I hope to do it in a year or so.


If you had to choose one pre and one post workout meal, what would it be?
Rory: As some of our members know, and as you can probably tell, I have a bit of a sweet tooth. So, before I train I would have my daily treat to utilise the simple carbs (have I mentioned that I’m a BIG Maltesers fan?). Then post training, I would aim to just hit my protein and calorie allowances for the remainder of the day.


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