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Three Mountains – one UN1T! The Three Peaks Challenge

Posted 1st Oct 2018

Three mountains – one UN1T.

Three peaks and an incredible UN1T, our athletes tackled challenge number seven – one of our hardest yet. Scaling the highest mountains of England, Scotland and Wales within 24 hours, some of UN1T’s boldest and bravest hiked Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in England, and Snowdown in Wales as one.

It was an incredible experience and our challengers truly embodied UN1T’s ethos to break barriers, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and to never leave anyone behind. But don’t take our word for it. This week on the blog, we sat down with four of the hikers to find out more about their experience of being at the world’s rooftops.

Elisah van Vriesland

I decided to take on the Three Peaks challenge because of, well a) sheer ignorance, and b) the camaraderie! Lucy asked me if I was interested, and I thought, why not? My favourite part of the challenge was reaching the summit at Scafell Pike. It was sunny, we absolutely killed our time on the way up and everyone was just completely elated because we were on track to complete the challenge on time. That being said, we did face challenges. Waking up to pouring rain and darkness for our ascent of Ben Nevis wasn’t easy, and the descent of Ben Nevis. Just Ben Nevis! It was the last summit and I was ready to get over that last challenge to feel the victory of the whole 24 hours. But the feeling after completing each of those mountains outweighed any challenges. I don’t really hike nor have I been up many mountains, and after completing the hikes, my soul was so happy and I kept telling everyone after that the experience was life-changing. It really was for me. Hayley and Josh did such a brilliant job organising and it was so amazing to spend time with people I don’t normally see or workout with at UNIT. It really was my favourite challenge I’ve done because it was completely outside my comfort zone and with such amazing company and in such stunning areas of the UK. Loved it!

Bex Sherwood

I’ve always wanted to do the Three Peaks challenged, so jumped at the chance to do it with such an awesome group of people to help motivate me. Everyone had such a positive attitude during the challenge, and together, we gave it everything we had. And in the words of UN1T coach, Rory Williams, we ‘left nothing on that mountain’! I’d say the most unexpected part of the whole trip was how big and comfortable the coach was! I slept like a log! As motivating and determined the team was, being properly equipped was essential. Waterproofs and good walking boots especially. The company who ran it were amazing and provided us with a full kit list beforehand. To keep us fuelled with packed all of the snack bars, Tupperware’s of pasta, and of course, peanut butter. Standard UN1T life! Hayley was also amazing and had got some special deliveries – pancakes from Bespoke fuel and Tribe bars. Yum! I couldn’t recommend it more (although I don’t think I’ll ever sign up again!), but I will for sure be signing up for UN1T’s next challenge!

Lucy Terrell

I wanted to tackle the Three Peaks challenge to see just how far, or should I say, how high, I could push myself. Turns out pretty high! It was an incredible challenge and the team spirit was amazing, especially in the dead of night in the wind and rain. If it wasn’t for the likes of Jimmy and Punit I may not of made it up Nevis. Jimmy literally had feed me a tribe bar at one point! I had recently climbed Mount Etna in the snow and Snowdon through the night so I was aware of the physical demands and knew it would be harder still, but I was not in anyway prepared for the mental challenge of Three Peaks. The biggest challenge was Ben Nevis, the middle part. When we met a guide and re-grouped, I felt like I’d walked for hours and the top couldn’t be much further.  Turned out I’d walked only an hour, and we still had so far to go. It was dark, it was wet and it was cold and I genuinely considered giving up. I cried, jimmy gave me a kiss and a hug, and I took it one step at a time, one foot in front of the other, telling myself I don’t ever have to do this again but I HAD to get to the summit! I couldn’t in any circumstances go home and say I’d ‘nearly’ completed the challenge. It’s also so important to take the right gear with you. You need seriously good walking boots, warm layers, a good waterproof jacket / waterproof trousers and dry clothes for the bus, head torch gloves, plenty of walking socks to change into….and baby wipes were a godsend! So, UN1T, when are we doing it again?

Punit Mistry

I really like hiking and being outdoors, and the Three Peaks challenge has been on my bucket list for a number of years, so taking part in the challenge was a no brainer. The challenge was amazing – there was a moment when we were half way up Scafell Pike and I was feeling energetic, we were making great progress, the sun was out and scenery was beautiful – it was amazing. Echoing what the others have said, the biggest challenge for me was Ben Nevis. It was tough. We started the climb around 2:00 am equipped with headtorches and waterproofs on because of the pouring rain. The first hour of the climb was difficult, as we had no idea how far we had to go and could only see a few metres in front of our faces. And even though I had completed a trek to Everest Basecamp (again with UN1T) earlier in the year, I found that 24-hours spent doing the Three Peaks was even harder than Everest. If you’re looking to take on the challenge, remember to pack the right gear and keep yourself fuelled. Get a mix of fast carbs and nuts, but also slow release carbs – like a tuna pasta that Josh saved me with!

Are you ready to be part of UN1T’s 12 challenges in 12 months? We have a few more epic challenges up our sleeves, so head over to our Facebook group and see what’s next!


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