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Join our COMMUN1TY for the next UN1TY

Posted 9th Oct 2018

Join our COMMUN1TY for the next UN1TY

At UN1T, we’re always thinking up ways to surprise and challenge our athletes. Sometimes it’s a spicy metcon finisher, other times, a challenge to complete our signature Trooper class for 24-hours. This time? We’ve decided to UN1TE our coaches and members with our latest concoction – UN1TY.

One workout. One goal. One social. UN1TY takes place on the first Friday of each month, and will push our members out of their comfort zone and, as always, our athletes will work together as a UN1T. Crafted by different coaches each month, the surprise workout will have you completing a gruesome list of exercises, with a time cap pressure. We can promise (but not limited to!) running, jumping, and of course, burpeeing your way across each UN1T, always finishing as one.

And what’s a UN1T challenge without a social? We’ll make sure to keep you fuelled and hydrated with well-deserved drinks after each UN1TY.

UN1TY is designed to make you sweat, be challenged, sweat, push you out of your comfort zone, have fun, and…did we mention sweat? Don’t believe us? Here’s what just a few of our members said after the last UN1TY:

Such a fun night! Absolute weapons out there on the floor!”

“Such a fantastic course, loved it. Thank you!”

“So much fun!! What a bunch of legends!”

Sweaty high-fives await – see you at the next UN1TY.


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