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How to Know You’re Overtraining

Posted 21st Nov 2018

Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain or to maintain the incredible results you’ve made in the studio, we know it’s easy to get hooked on UN1T! Our athletes are always finding ways to challenge themselves, become fitter and stronger, and backed by our incredible commun1ty, it can be hard to turn down a class!

But what are the signs of overtraining? And how can you make sure you get enough rest to fuel those ever-important gains?

Overtraining can put our bodies into a sympathetic state – also known as fight or flight. It releases the stress hormone, cortisol, into the body and often happens when the intensity and volume of exercise exceeds someone’s individual recovery capacity.

So how do you know you’re overtraining?

Here are five signs and symptoms to look out for:

  1. You feel sore, stiff and achy for a long period of time
  2. Your performance in the studio starts to plateau and you aren’t seeing improvements in your lifts, your split times, and overall fitness
  3. Your sleep is suffering and you’re either sleeping too much or having trouble falling asleep
  4. You start craving comfort foods, like sweets, chocolate and fried food
  5. Training doesn’t excite you the way it did before, and you feel frustrated and resentment to training

If you think you recognise a few of these symptoms, you might be overtraining. But how do you scale back without losing all of your progress?

  • Instead of training five days a week, bring your routine down to three days and use the extra time to stretch, sleep and recover
  • Try a new UN1T class you haven’t been to before, or add in some extra walking, light jogging or swimming to switch things up
  • Catch an extra hour of sleep every night
  • Drink lots of water and prep healthy meals full of vitamins and antioxidants

If you think you’re overtraining and need some more advice, speak to one of our UN1T coaches!


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