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UN1T’s annual Train the Trainers event!

Posted 21st Nov 2018

Day in and day out, our coaches at UN1T push our members out of their comfort zone. Sometimes it’s encouraging them to lift the heavier weight and hit a PB, other times it’s challenging them to burn as many calories as possible in a time cap. Either way, our coaches are fierce and will often have you gasping for air.

But what if the tables were turned? What if you, our members, were able to claim the title as UN1T coach and put the trainers through a sweaty, gruelling workout? Well we’ve done just that, and the annual Train the Trainers event is on, and on 24 November, you’ll have the chance to torture the UN1T staff.

How does it work?

At our third birthday party earlier this year, our members bid on the 16 stations of Train the Trainers Trooper style. The members who donated the most to charity have now won a station each and are tasked with creating the exercise for each station. Not only do they get to create the brutal exercise, they also have won the chance to coach us on the day. Members will coach each station and the UN1T staff have to complete the class, no matter how hard it is!

Based on past experience, our athletes make sure the class is as brutal as possible, and you can guarantee they will be handing out the burpees at any given chance.

If you want to see your favourite coaches have a taste of their own medicine, head down to UN1T London Bridge on 24 November at 2:00pm and cheer on the coaches – we know they’re going to need your support! The event is open to everyone and all proceeds from the event will go towards our charity pot for the 12 challenges in 12 months.


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