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Celebrating International Men’s Day

Posted 28th Nov 2018

19 November marked International Men’s Day, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate some of the incredible men we have in our studios. From trainers to athletes, they challenge themselves and their fellow members and coaches to be better, fitter, stronger versions of themselves.


This year’s theme was on positive male role models and raising awareness of men’s wellbeing – something we are big advocates for at UN1T. To commemorate the day, we hosted a class at our London Bridge studio, followed by a run to Lululemon on Regent Street for a panel talk by our UN1T role models – Rob Smyth, Founder of UN1T, Andy Vincent, Master Trainer Third Space, and Will Wheeler, Owner LevelSix Peckham.


There were some really inspiring pieces of advice and fantastic questions for our panel.


Will spoke about the important of incorporating mobility and mindset into your training regime, while Rob touched on motivation, body confidence for men, and how group training can keep you motivated. Andy explained the importance of sustainable training, thinking of your long-term health instead of just your short-term goals, and the importance of strength training and programmed sessions.


A fantastic evening topped off with even more inspiring men. Stay tuned for more events soon!




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