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UN1T’s Guide to Surviving Dry January

Posted 14th Jan 2019

We’re half way through the first month of 2019, and for many of you, that also means reaching the halfway point for Dry January. A month of no booze can do wonders for your health (and wallet!), but it can be easy to succumb to social pressures and break your Dry Jan goals.

To help get you through the last 15 days of Dry January, we’re sharing our top five tips:

  1. Replace the boozy nights out with something you’ve been meaning to take up. Tackle the DIY project you’ve been putting off, try a new sport, or squeeze in an extra class at the studio.
  2. Replace your after-work gin and tonic with soda water and fresh lime. You’ll feel less pressure to have a drink if you have something in your hand.
  3. Each time you would normally go out, put aside the money you would have saved and treat yourself to something at the end of the month.
  4. Remember why you’re doing it and share the reasons with your friends, family and co-workers. Whether it’s to save money, get better sleep or to just feel that extra bit healthier, sharing your reason why will help you stick to your guns and make those around you more supportive.
  5. Do things that interest you that don’t revolve around drinking, like visiting museums, exhibitions or playing tourist for the day in your own city.

These may seem like the longest 30 days of the year, but taking a month off the booze will leave you feeling healthier, more refreshed and with a few extra pounds in your wallet. And if you slip up, remember that Dry Jan is like any other goal you set, and you can always reset and finish the month off strong.


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