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Replenish your body with Phizz

Posted 20th Feb 2019

Did you know 60% of your body and 75% of your brain are made up water? And your body loses two to three litres of water during an average day? Add a sweaty UN1T class to that, and if you’re not refuelling the right way, your body is going to be suffering from dehydration and lack of electrolytes

Electrolytes are chemicals that form ions in body fluids and help make sure your body runs at optimal levels. Or in more simple terms, things like sodium, potassium, and chloride that athletes lose through sweat. So, when you sweat and water goes out of your body, so do electrolytes. A lack of electrolytes can cause your muscles to cramp and your body to enter dehydration, causing headaches, dizziness and physical and mental fatigue.

So, what’s the easiest way to replenish electrolytes and keep you hydrated after a tough session? Cue: Phizz. Phizz is an orange flavoured tablet that combines a rehydration formula with both vitamins and minerals that helps water get where it’s needed.

With the right balance of sodium and glucose, Phizz is packed with minerals to reduce tiredness, unleash your body’s energy, support mental performance, combat muscle fatigue, and help you get the most out of your water. Phizz is designed for you to take before, during or after a workout, but can also be used on long haul flights, a long day at work, or even after a big night out.

At UN1T we love adding Phizz to our daily dose of vitamins and minerals – check out their website here for more information, or purchase Phizz tablets in our studio.


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