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UN1T’S tips for your weekly meal plan

Posted 20th Feb 2019

You’re ready to get your nutrition in check and fuel your training with the right foods to keep you feeling strong and fit. You’ve calculated your macros, know your calories, and the final step is creating your weekly food plan.

But that’s sometimes where things get tricky. You want to keep your meals interesting and tasty, and you don’t want to be stuck eating broccoli, chicken and rice for the next week. Creating a weekly food plan might seem daunting, but with our tips and tricks, you’ll be on the road to meal prepping before you know it.

First up, make note of some of your favourite foods you love to eat throughout the week. Whether it’s a cheesy pasta, a pizza or Thai food, remember not to eliminate them from your meal plan, and instead, just find healthier swaps. Instead of ordering in some Thai food, make your own from scratch with fresh ingredients. Or if pizza is on the mind, try a whole wheat pita topped with your favourite veggies, protein and a bit of mozzarella. This keeps you enjoying your favourite foods while still keeping your meals healthy and on track.

Next, get inspired and scour Pinterest, Instagram and food websites for healthy and tasty recipes. Trying a new recipe for the week can be an exciting challenge, and over time you’ll be adding to your list of things to cook.

Now, make a plan. First, look at your week ahead, note down how many meals you need to prep for. Then, breakdown your macros for each day and plan your meals out so you know you’re hitting your protein, fat and carb goals. Finally, make a shopping list and remember to stick to it when you hit the supermarket. Your shopping list should include a mix of fruit and veg, protein sources, carbs and healthy fats, and don’t forget to add in a couple of treats that you enjoy.

The last step – meal prep. We love a #MealPrepSunday, and we recommend setting aside an hour or two every Sunday for a big batch cook. It might seem like a big task on your weekend, but a weekly meal plan and prepped food will keep you on track, saving money and ensuring your body is fuelled for your next sweaty cardio or heavy strength class.


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