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UN1T Project Q&A with Coach Lucie Morgan

Posted 28th Sep 2019

Hitting PBs in our classes, meal prepping weekly, and training as one, the UN1T Project takes fitness and nutrition to the next level. Whether you’re looking for fat loss, muscle gain, or simply to maintain, the UN1T Project is a personally designed plan to help you reach your goals. To find out more about the project, we sat down with coach Lucie Morgan:

UN1T: How can joining the Project help someone reach their fitness goals?
Lucie: It can make you more aware of what you are eating and what you need to eat to achieve and maintain your goals. A lot of people are unaware of what they are actual eating. By calculating and tracking your macros, you can see if you’re eating too much of one thing and too little of another. In the last project, most of my team noticed they weren’t eating enough protein. It’s important to know that building muscle and losing fat isn’t just about your workout – it’s very much based on your diet, which we know can be tough!

UN1T: What support do members get from the coaches?
Lucie: We can give guidance on menus when you’re out for dinner or lunch, but also share tips if you’re in need of healthy snack ideas, like ways to sneak in extra protein and calories if you’re struggling to hit your personalised macros. We also provide support via our Whatsapp groups, and you can count on funny memes and motivation throughout the day – plus some guidance for when your office provides Krispy Kremes every day!

UN1T: If I’m a member and ready to sign up, what level of commitment do I need?
Lucie: In the end, it’s up to you! The more committed you are, the better results you will get! But it’s what can be sustainable for you. The idea isn’t just to drop weight for the project, but to continue with the healthy lifestyle and learning to balance your macros. The main commitment is no alcohol, which some find very hard. Of course you can still have a drink, but we advise moderation and clear spirits, rather than a bottle of wine every night!

UN1T: What’s your advice to people joining the project?
Lucie: Don’t over think it. When you constantly think about your diet or what you’re not allowed it makes you want it more. Remember, you can still eat what you want, but in moderation. Be willing to try healthier alternatives as even little changes can affect your diet. The main piece of advice would be to be prepared. This means you’re more likely to eat your prepped meals rather than having unhealthy meals out. Prepare your snacks so when you’re on the go you have back up if you’re hungry. And lastly, download My Fitness Pal to add up your macros for you.

UN1T: How fast can people expect to see results if they put in the effort?
Lucie: Like I said, it depends on your commitment and how closely you stick to the macros. Eating the right amount of protein, carbs and fats can mean you can still eat a lot more than you think. Make sure you commit 100 in your workouts and take note of your weights so you can get the best out of your class. You may not drop kg on the scales, but if you stick to your macros you’re guaranteed to gain muscle and drop fat, so results will definitely happen. One girl in my group lost 4.5kg and 4% body fat and gained 2% muscle in just a month. Plus she had a few drinks over the four weeks!

UN1T: How can UN1T’s strength classes and cardio classes help project members reach their goals?
Lucie: The cardio classes are great to build your cardiovascular strength. However, the strength training will really help when it comes to losing weight and also increasing cardiovascular strength. If you do want to do the project to lose weight, the main goal will be your calories in versus calories out. In the strength classes, lifting weights will challenge your muscles and force the body to use energy, which means more calories will be used and burned. The strength classes will keep your metabolism going throughout the day. Our programmes offer such a range of moves, such as big compound lifts, which help shape your body and make you really strong. The different phases at UN1T will ensure your body doesn’t plateau and keeps it guessing and we can see the results from our regular members. Our combination of the strength and cardio classes, paired with the correct macros will 100% give you the results you want.


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