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Trinity: Strength, Cardio, Mobility at UN1T

Posted 18th Oct 2019

Trinity: defined as a group of three people or things, and in UN1T style, a trio of strength, cardio and mobility.

Incorporating all three not only sets you up to achieve your fitness goals, whether that’s losing fat or gaining muscle, but it also ensures you are working towards being strong, preventing injury, and ultimately becoming the healthiest version of yourself.

Strength training will help you increase your lean muscle mass, help your body burn more calories at rest, helps you strengthen your joints, increase bone density and improve your muscular endurance. On the other side, cardio is just as important to make sure you have a healthy heart, increase your lung capacity, control your weight and it gives you those feel good endorphins. Although the two combined will help you see some serious results, the importance of adding in mobility is often overlooked.

An important part of the trio, mobility can be used as a recovery tool and can actually help you with your strength gains. Mobility training supports the joints and tissues in a different way to strength training alone, and it can give your body the relief it’s craving from heavy weights sessions and sweaty cardio classes.

Taking the trio for a test, a group of our members embarked on UN1T’s own Trinity style workout, where they completed a heavy strength class, followed by a 5km run and headed into a yoga class led by yogi Will Wheeler at Level Six Peckham, who took our members through a strength and relaxation session.

Interested in upping your strength, cardio or mobility training? We offer a range of classes throughout the week focused on all three, so sign up for a class and complete your trinity!


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