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UN1T’s top five tips to stay motivated during the COVID-19 lockdown

Posted 15th May 2020

We’re weeks into lockdown, we’ve had record numbers of athletes logging onto UN1T TV from across the globe and our coaches have been doing a fantastic job getting us moving during the day. But with the weather warming up and many of us entering the next stage of lockdown, motivation to continue to train during these challenging times might be low.

Here are our top five tips to stay active and motivated during the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. We know you’re used to setting the bar high – whether that’s hitting a PB on a lift or bringing your splits down on the rower, but use this time set smaller, more achievable goals, with the tools you currently have. This could be adding in a mobility session, increasing your running and working on unilateral movements with your lighter weights.

2. Remember to be honest with yourself when training – especially if you’re adding in weights and joining the strength sessions. Since we’re sitting a lot more during the day, it’s likely that our muscles will be tighter, and form might be compromised. If something doesn’t feel right, decrease the load or opt for another exercise all together. And as always, stay for the stretch at the end of each class.

3. Besides joining in the UN1T TV classes, incorporate exercise into your weekly routine that you really enjoy, whether that’s going for a walk, cycling or yoga. Now is the time to add in the one thing you didn’t have time for before. There are also a number of options on YouTube and Instagram for you to follow and help you get moving, like barre and boxing.

4. Switch on that video during class and feel part of our COMMUN1TY! Our ethos to train as one doesn’t stop, and we want to see all of our members working together during each of our classes. Plus, we still love to dish out a virtual sweaty high five at the end.

5. Remember to listen to your body. If you feel like lounging on the couch instead of throwing on your gym gear (or lounging on your couch in your gym gear) then go for it. It’s totally normal that you might lack motivation throughout long periods in lockdown. If you have a bad day, let it pass.

Navigating life during a global pandemic is a challenge, so be easy on yourself and use this time to focus on yourself and connecting with your friends and family. It’s also important to remember that we are being inundated with news and updates constantly, so take time to switch off, relax and mediate. We are all in this together and we have so much to look forward to once the lockdown ends.



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