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Three pillars of UN1T TV

Posted 4th Jun 2020

We’re now over two months into lockdown, and for the past eight weeks, our coaches across the globe have taken over screens worldwide and are keeping our members training as one with UN1T TV. And in true UN1T style, we’re bringing more than just our strength and conditioning classes to you each day.

With members being isolated ay home, UN1T TV offers a more holistic approach to training. Strength, conditioning and mobility are the three pillars at UN1T, so each week UN1T TV upholds these pillars and includes an array of mobility, mindfulness motivation and kick-starter classes. To continue bringing our members the best of UN1T and the fantastic knowledge our coaches have, we’ve also introduced nutrition seminars so members can stay as healthy as possible while isolating. 

Although being strong and cardiovascular fit is key to a healthy lifestyle, having a healthy mindset is just as important. “It is not normal staying indoors for the majority of the day, lacking in sunlight/vitamin D and not being able to see family and friends. It’s proven that this can have a major impact on people’s mental health, so we thought this was an important area to support our members in”, says Rob Smyth, founder of UN1T. Rob adds: “for our members to maintain their incredible results they have worked so hard for at UN1T, it was important to offer a support system in nutrition”. 

UN1T TV also offers more than just classes – ultimately, it is a support system from real people and a scientifically proven strength and conditioning programme that works. Each week, UN1T TV is changing the timetable and adding new elements and speakers to the mix. With people tuning in from the UK, Germany, Qatar, Kuwait, Australia and the USA, UN1T TV has gone truly global and is supporting athletes from each corner of the world.

If you haven’t signed up already, download the UN1T app and either purchase a one-month membership for £35 or take part in the sessions for £6 per session, and start training as one today!


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