About UN1T - Rob Smyth, creator and owner of UN1T

About UN1T

Who is Rob Smyth, creator of UN1T?

Rob Smyth, creator and owner of UN1T, started his own gym because of his love for fitness and well being and his vision to build a fitness community.

I was my happiest when I was training and keeping fit. I wanted to help people feel the same way, so I thought ‘why not open up a gym?’

From a young age Rob has been involved in the sporting industry, playing at a top level in sports including semi-professional rugby.

On leaving school, his first job was working in a family business in the construction industry back home in Dublin. However, his sights were always firmly set on fitness – constantly trying out the latest craze.

Following his fitness dream, Rob studied in Dublin as a personal trainer – specialising in anatomy and physiology. He qualified in 2004.

A world fitness adventure

After working for some years as a fitness entrepreneur in Dublin, Rob decided he wanted to see the world from a sporting perspective.

From 2009 he spent two and a half years travelling and working abroad, on what he named ‘A World-Fitness Adventure’.

During the adventure he visited 29 countries across 3 continents, and truly witnessed some inspirational stories in fitness.

He trained in Muay Thai boxing in Thailand, TRX in San Francisco, Ashtanga yoga in Indonesia, triathlon in Australia, boxing in Sydney and running… all around the world!

Rob recorded two fitness documentaries – to find the perfect fitness experience through yin and yang fitness concepts for example an intense HIIT class versus Ashtanga yoga or meditation.

It highlighted the importance of having both yin and yang in your life.

The documentaries were filmed in Las Vegas, USA and Bangkok, Thailand.

My true passions are fitness,
health and well-being.

World Fitness Adventure with Rob Smyth

The first UN1T fitness studio in London Bridge

In February 2017 Rob finally opened the doors to his own fitness studio in London.

The UN1T concept and brand pulled together the knowledge and learning that Rob Smyth had accumulated with 15 years in the fitness industry.

Rob is behind the creation of the UN1T classes, infusing his competitive and team training experience and mentality into each class, along with the core fitness trainers.

Gym London - UN1T - ideas and ethics

UN1T ideas and ethics

Rob would like to create community through fitness – to create healthier, happier people through training programs and a strong community of like-minded people.

One of Rob’s sayings is “You will go farther together than you will alone.

The UN1T classes aim to bring out the athlete in every member. Participants encourage, motivate and push fellow members to ‘get out of their comfort zone’ and really push themselves.

Rob wants to deliver healthier bodies and healthier minds through the mix of classes. He aims to deliver educational classes producing long lasting results.

Each class is started together, as a UN1T, lined up on the famous UN1T white light. You will also finish the class together with sweaty high fives all round!

What UN1T offers customers

UN1T is quite simply the best strength and conditioning group training faculty in the world.

It is a place for customers to come, knowing they are going to be pushed out of their comfort zone to achieve astonishing results.

UN1T, We Train As One In UN1T.

The job of UN1T is to motivate you to achieve what you thought impossible, and train outside your comfort zone.

Be comfortable with the uncomfortable, and achieve astonishing results.

UN1T promises to bring you a new programme each day, expertly designed by our highly educated coaches, pushing you to your limits in every session!

UN1T, the coaches and members are hard working,
resilient and fun!


UN1T offer their clients an app powered by MindBody which allows you to book UN1T sessions on the go, learn about the sessions offered, and contact the studio. It’s an easy and convenient solution to booking into UN1T classes!

Curious to know how a UN1T athlete fuels?

Download the UN1T Athlete Project Meal Plan for three day’s worth of meal plans, with full breakdown of calories and macros to fuel you for class and get you those results!

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