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Meet TEAM UN1T: Regional Manager, Jaimie Chin-Dickey

It’s the coaches, the dynamic classes, and being pushed out of your comfort zone that keeps you coming back to a UN1T class. And after going day-in and day-out, we can’t imagine a week without it. Today, we’re sitting down with part of the duo who helps make UN1T possible, Regional Manager and brand co-creator, […]

Posted 8th Dec 2017

How does UN1T Train as One?

How do you Train as One? At UN1T, we take our vision to Train as One seriously. Whether that’s pushing your team mate to complete an extra rep or smash out burpees during Trooper, we don’t leave anyone behind. But our vision to train as one doesn’t stop once a class is finished. In 2018, […]

Posted 5th Dec 2017

UN1T x The View from the Shard

The sky’s the limit…or so we thought. Earlier this month, UN1T took our ethos of training as one to new heights, taking over the tallest building in Western Europe – The Shard. With access to The View from The Shard viewing decks, the sold-out event saw 72 athletes put themselves though the toughest event of […]

Posted 27th Nov 2017

UN1T Takes on Mount Everest

Go on the adventure of a lifetime! UN1T is thrilled to be taking the toughest group of athletes on the adventure of a lifetime in partnership with RaLu, a wellness and adventure retreats company. Take your training outdoors with a UN1T of athletes as you climb to the Base Camp of Mt. Everest for a 14 […]

Posted 21st Nov 2017

Using Heart Rate Monitors at UN1T

Is your heart in it? Heart rate monitors are all the rage right now. So, what’s the hype about, and which one do we think stands out against the crowd? At UN1T, we’ve designed our classes to get your heart rate pumping, to have you arrive strong and leave stronger, and help you achieve your […]

Posted 13th Nov 2017

Stay Healthy and Happy this Holiday Season!

It’s officially November, and along with shorter days and colder nights, comes mince pies, bottomless drinks, and holiday parties. You’ve worked hard all year to stay healthy and fit, so this year, we’re sharing our top tips on you can have your cake (or mulled wine, pigs in a blanket, trifle, custard…) and eat it […]

Posted 13th Nov 2017

Meet Team UN1T: Harry Grenville

Trainer interview with UN1T coach, Harry Grenville You know showing up to a UN1T class means sweating (a lot), leaving everything you have on the floor (and we know you have it in you), and constantly challenging yourself. But the people who push you to pick up the heavier dumbbell or smash out one more […]

Posted 31st Oct 2017

The UN1T Run Club

Lace up squad! We’re always looking to help our members train in a variety of ways, increasing their fitness and strength in a healthy, balanced way. A lot of UN1T’s classes are focused on anaerobic training, strength classes for muscular and joint health, and the ever-important Yoga for Athletes class to support mobility training. To […]

Posted 31st Oct 2017

Top Three Health Hacks for Sustainable Training

I’m too tired. It’s too expensive. I don’t have enough time. Three of the most common reasons people give on why they can’t adopt a healthy, active lifestyle. Of course, they can be true. We all have weeks where you’re putting in overtime and working much more than the standard nine to five, leaving you […]

Posted 17th Oct 2017

Satisfy Those Cravings and Stay Healthy this Autumn

It’s colder, sunny days seem to have taken a back seat, and the thought of tucking into a warm takeaway can be so tempting. And those healthy, refreshing salads you were managing to take to work throughout the summer? Not so appealing anymore. But the change in season doesn’t mean the healthy habits you’ve created […]

Posted 17th Oct 2017