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International Women’s Day x UN1T from Challenge Sophie’s perspective

There’s something pretty awesome going down at UN1T and I can’t get enough of it! As a women adventuring and competing in a male dominated world, it’s truly inspiring to train with so many amazing women. It’s not just the girls who train at unit, but the trainers that make it special. Seeing friendly faces […]

Posted 4th Mar 2018

Celebrating International Women’s Day with our members

A global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, International Women’s Day (IWD) has been an opportunity for women and men across the globe to champion equality between genders for 43 years. Here at UN1T, we’re always celebrating the fierce and strong women that walk through our doors every day. Following […]

Posted 4th Mar 2018

International Women’s Day from our male coaches at UN1T  

#PressForProgress – the theme for International Women’s Day this year, and one that all of us at UN1T fully support. We believe in training as one, regardless of gender, and we thrive off the women who walk into our studios every day. From our members to our staff to our coaches, we’re always celebrating each […]

Posted 4th Mar 2018

International Women’s Day from UN1T’s leading women

At UN1T, our team of coaches are always finding ways to get our members out of their comfort zones and challenge the way we do things. Our ethos is simple: We Train as One – and we take this inside and outside of our studio walls. This means not only adding in the extra rep […]

Posted 4th Mar 2018

What is POWER Training?

  What is power training? POWER: ability to generate as much force as possible, as fast as possible. We’re eight weeks in to our 12-week strength training programme, and words power, explosive, accelerate are being thrown around the studio. We’ve now completed our hypertrophy and strength phases, and the last four weeks sees our athletes […]

Posted 2nd Mar 2018

Why Lifting Weights Won’t Make Women Bulky

At UN1T we’re always looking for ways to challenge the norm and break barriers. And now we’re busting one of the biggest myths in the fitness industry – does lifting weights make women bulky? Before we get into it, in simple terms, no. What it does do is make you feel strong, unstoppable, and fierce. […]

Posted 28th Feb 2018

UN1T x The Shard 2.0

UNIT x The Shard 2.0 Just when you thought UN1T had done it all by taking our ethos of training as one to new heights, we went and did it again! Kicking off 2018 with one of the toughest workouts around, our 72 athletes came together as a squad, completed a 45-minute SQUAD class, and […]

Posted 13th Feb 2018

Challenge Accepted: Q+A with Triathlete and UN1T Coach, Chloe Trigg

Challenge accepted: tackling challenges with Chloe Trigg  UN1T has ticked off challenge one from our 12 months of challenges and a number of our athletes in studio took on the first ever UN1T League – an endurance test to put a spotlight on your athleticism and training at UN1T. We’re already itching for the next […]

Posted 6th Feb 2018

So, what actually is Strength Training?

What is a strength-phase? Phase-two of our 12-week training programme and our members in studio are making gains! This four-week cycle focuses on strength, an important part of the programme that focuses on overload.   Overloading our muscles with higher weights and lower repetitions means we can train ourselves to increase our maximum strength. You […]

Posted 6th Feb 2018

Goal Setting

UN1T’s tips to goal setting January is officially over, and for a lot of people, those resolutions you made on New Year’s Day (yeah, remember those?) have likely come and gone. So what better time to reset then now? And instead of setting resolutions that you’re like going to break (don’t worry, you’re not alone, […]

Posted 6th Feb 2018