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Meet Team Capital Physio: Larissa

Larissa Christian graduated from Liverpool University and has worked in the NHS and private sector. Larissa had a passion for Musculo-skeletal Physiotherapy from the start. She loves getting to the root of complex bio-mechanical problems. Larissa is a qualified Clinical Pilates instructor and is always keen to incorporate this into her rehabilitation plans. She also […]

Posted 7th Sep 2018

Meet Team Capital Physio: Kevin Powell

Kevin is a highly experienced Physiotherapist who graduated with a BSc Physiotherapy in 2007 from Brunel University, having completed a previous Diploma in Sports studies at The Sports Academy for Fitness Professionals, in Ruislip. In order to enhance his skills, Kevin has undertaken various seminars and courses including shadowing experience across Europe, using techniques such […]

Posted 7th Sep 2018

UN1T Challenge 6 – Bridges Run and Yoga

Reaching the half way mark of our 12 challenges in 12 months meant the squad at UN1T were ready to mark the occasion with an epic challenge. Over the past six months, we’ve seen our troops push through 24-hour trooper challenge, swim the length of the English Channel, cycle from London to Brighton, take on […]

Posted 19th Jul 2018

Benefits of Compound Lifts  

To show our members just how strong they truly are and to give them strength goals to work towards, we programme our classes to ensure we always target the major compound lifts. This means lifts that are multi-joint and multi-muscle exercises, ultimately targeting all major muscle groups. So, what are our top three favourite compound […]

Posted 19th Jul 2018

The Best Way to Improve your Strength Training

One-rep max testing at UN1T If you’ve ever been to one of our strength classes at the studio, you know we love to lift heavy and challenge ourselves. Whether we’re aiming for 8 – 12 reps during our hypertrophy phase or lowering the reps and increasing the weight during our strength phase, the UN1T coaches […]

Posted 19th Jul 2018

The Ultimate UN1T Holiday Workout

Summer is in full swing, and for lots of our members, that means taking some time to jet off on a holiday and relax. And as much as we believe in the importance of resting and giving your body the chance to recover, we also know our members love to get a quick workout in […]

Posted 10th Jul 2018

Travel Healthy This Summer

UN1T’s summer travel tips  British summertime has officially arrived and whether you’re relishing the heatwave or jetting off on holiday, staying healthy and sticking to your goals can be, well let’s face it, a challenge. At UN1T, we’re all about balance, and we’re sharing our top tips to stay healthy while traveling, while still making […]

Posted 4th Jul 2018

24 Hour Trooper for Charity

24 hours Trooper! 24 hours. 1,440 minutes. 86,400 seconds. That’s how long our athletes sprinted up and down the track, cheered each other on, and pushed further past their limits than we ever thought imaginable. Completing 82 laps of our signature class, Trooper, the UN1T community came together to tackle our toughest class as one, […]

Posted 29th May 2018

UN1T Privacy Policy

Introduction   This Privacy Notice explains in detail the types of personal data UN1T London (also referred hereafter as ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘UN1T’) may collect about you when you interact with us. It also explains how we’ll store and handle that data, and keep it safe, ensuring your privacy is protected at all times.   […]

Posted 24th May 2018

UN1T’S tips to hitting your macros

We’re nearing the end of the second UN1T Project, and our projecteers are working harder than ever to hit their goals. Whether it’s for fat loss or to gain some size, our coaches in both studios have been working with our athletes to help them celebrate their achievements, tackle any challenges, and are always on […]

Posted 18th May 2018

Curious to know how a UN1T athlete fuels?

Download the UN1T Athlete Project Meal Plan for three day’s worth of meal plans, with full breakdown of calories and macros to fuel you for class and get you those results!

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