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UN1T Privacy Policy

Introduction   This Privacy Notice explains in detail the types of personal data UN1T London (also referred hereafter as ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘UN1T’) may collect about you when you interact with us. It also explains how we’ll store and handle that data, and keep it safe, ensuring your privacy is protected at all times.   […]

Posted 24th May 2018

UN1T’S tips to hitting your macros

We’re nearing the end of the second UN1T Project, and our projecteers are working harder than ever to hit their goals. Whether it’s for fat loss or to gain some size, our coaches in both studios have been working with our athletes to help them celebrate their achievements, tackle any challenges, and are always on […]

Posted 18th May 2018

Fueling athletes with Bespoke Fuel

A successful training programme means lifting heavy weights, getting in those intense cardio sessions, and making sure you take some time for mobility training. But it doesn’t stop there. In fact, one of the most important parts to a training programme is the fuel and food you put inside your body to help you achieve […]

Posted 18th May 2018

UN1T x RaLu Retreats take on Mount Everest

An adventure of a lifetime, and one that only a handful of people have completed, UN1T and RaLu Retreats took our ethos of training as one to the world’s highest peak – Base Camp of Mount Everest in Nepal. The trek was filled with incredible views, some intense training into the lead up, interesting foods […]

Posted 18th May 2018

Taking our SQUADRON to Be:Fit!

“Equipping women with the tools to ditch the fads and become healthier and happier” – that’s the ethos of London’s iconic Be:Fit festival, and one that UN1T can definitely get behind. We’re all about empowering the strong women who walk through our doors, challenging them to lift heavy, overcome their fears and break down barriers. […]

Posted 8th May 2018

Raising awareness of mental health at UN1T: Interview with Vince Ciolino

One of four of people in the UK will suffer from mental health problems each year. There are over 200 classified forms of mental illness. And evidence suggests that 12.7% of all sickness absence days in the UK can be attributed to mental health conditions. The numbers are staggering, and here at UN1T, we recognise […]

Posted 23rd Apr 2018

How does yoga help your athletic performance?

Why Yoga. Our yoga classes at UN1T are there to complement your regular sessions and come with a myriad of benefits to help you achieve the best results from your training. Flexibility If, as athletes, we focus on particular muscle groups it can cause inevitable strain on your body. For example, it’s common for a […]

Posted 23rd Apr 2018

The UN1T Project Transformation: John Rogerson

The UN1T Project Transformation: John Rogerson Round two of the UN1T Project for 2018 is in full swing, and our athletes are making some incredible progress. Hitting PB’s in our classes, meal prepping weekly, and training as one, the UN1T Project takes fitness and nutrition to the next level. To keep up momentum mid-way through […]

Posted 23rd Apr 2018

Reforming mobility training at UN1T

Most of us love lifting heavy, pushing hard or running fast. Nothing quite beats that endorphin high, and the exhilaration of beating your best! But that’s the easy part. To become a master of your own body and avoid injuries, you need more than just cardio and strength training: you need to work on your […]

Posted 9th Apr 2018

Hypertrophy Round 2!

It’s been 12 tough (but very rewarding) weeks in UN1T’s studios, both mentally and physically. Our athletes have pushed through three phases as part of our 12-week strength training programme, lifting heavier weights and challenging their body to go the extra mile. And 12 weeks on, we’re back to the hypertrophy phase.   So why […]

Posted 9th Apr 2018