Class Structure - UN1T LONDON

Class Structure


Let’s mentally warm up! Our highly educated coaches go through each exercise in detail giving you advanced and beginner options on each exercise. Learn about today’s programme and set your intention for class as a UNIT.


Dynamic and exhilarating, it’s time to get the heart pumping and the body moving through movements led by our coaches.


Game Time! Tunes pumping, sweat dripping and we are smashing through each movement as one UNIT.


A well deserved hydration break but don’t get too comfortable!


Another class in the books; another round of high fives distributed. Coaches will take you through a gentle cool down to get back to resting heart rate.

In UN1T We Train As One – In UN1T all participants encourage, motivate, and push their fellow members to get out of their comfort zone and complete their workout as one.

TRAIN BEYOND YOUR COMFORT ZONE. We ask one thing of UN1T members: to believe in their abilities and push themselves! Our job at UN1T is to motivate you to achieve what you thought impossible, and train outside of your comfort zone. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable, and achieve astonishing results.

WE BELIEVE EVERYONE IS AN ATHLETE: Whether a newcomer to fitness, or advanced and experienced in training, we will treat everyone like the athlete they are.

Each day we will bring you a new programme expertly designed by our highly educated coaches pushing you to your limits in every session! We offer classes that focus on strength, cardio, and mobility. Work your body, work your mind. In every class, you’ll learn techniques to become a better athlete, and how to treat your body as such.

Are you ready to break barriers at London’s premier strength training studio?

Curious to know how a UN1T athlete fuels?

Download the UN1T Athlete Project Meal Plan for three day’s worth of meal plans, with full breakdown of calories and macros to fuel you for class and get you those results!

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