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Stay fit and healthy this summer

Posted 11th Jun 2019

The summer months are around the corner and with the longer days and warmer months comes more weekend getaways, barbecues, and drinks al fresco. We truly believe in enjoying the summer (especially British summer!) and soaking up that much-needed vitamin D, so we’ve put together our top five tips to keep you fit, healthy and motivated all summer long.

1. Keep active outdoors. We spend most of the year working out indoors, so use the warmer weather and longer days to get a workout in outside. Whether that’s going on a hike, a long run, or a HIIT session in your garden, use the outdoors as your playground.

2. Stick with spirits. It can be tempting to have a cold beer or white wine on a hot summer’s day, but the calories do add up. Instead, try vodka and soda water, or gin and slimline tonic. And remember to stay hydrated. Swap every other drink for a lime and soda and your body (and head) will thank you.

3. Pack your favourite healthy snacks. If you’re going on a summer holiday that involves a lot of walking and site-seeing, hunger can strike at any time. Bring along your favourite protein bars, a punnet of nuts, or some fruit. Having these on hand will give you the energy you need, while still keeping you on track.

4. Eat in season. Summer months mean some of the most nutritious and tasty food is in season. So stock up on your favourite veggies like courgette, aubergine, bell peppers and carrots, and throw them on the barbecue. Pair your veggies with a protein of your choice, some pita and hummus, and you have yourself a healthy summer meal fit for a weekend barbecue. Don’t forget to add seasonal fruits too, like berries, mangoes and Cherries.

5. Remember to enjoy your summer! Whether it’s patio drinks or you’re jetting off, summer is a time to be outdoors, make memories and enjoy a few cheeky cocktails! So remember to enjoy the sun and find the right balance to keep you happy and healthy.


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