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The UN1T Project

Welcome to the UN1T Project.

Our ethos at UN1T is about breaking barriers, and achieving goals outside of what you thought possible. With nutrition being a critical part of the equation of being an athlete, we want to help you optimize your training plan and increase performance!

The PROJECT is a focused nutrition and training programme to help you achieve weight loss or lean musle mass. Through a personalised macro nutrient plan, gain an understanding of proper nutrition and portions appealing to a sustainable approach to a healthy lifestyle. The Project is 60 days of mindful eating; 60 days of regularly attending classes; and 60 days of focus on YOU!

What to expect by joining the PROJECT?

? 60 days
? 3 x Body Composition Analysis
? PROJECT Guidebook
? Macro Tracking 101
? PROJECT grocery List
? The UN1T Recipe book
? Mid-PROJECT Consultation with coaches for nutrition adjustments
? Personalized Macronutrient Calculation and tracking document
? The UN1T PROJECT Information Seminar (complimentary; 8 pm at UN1T London Bridge 31 August)
? The PROJECT will run from 4 September to 27 October.

What is the cost?

The UN1T project can be purchased for £450, which includes all of the PROJECT information above, as well as two months of unlimited sessions! For current members on unlimited membership, the PROJECT is £30 for the items mentioned above! Both can be purchased right online!

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