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What are the T's and C's of the The 14 Day Debut?

The 14 day debut provides you access to 8 sessions over the course of 14 CONSECUTIVE days. The 14 Day Debut activates on the day of your FIRST SESSION. Once you buy the pass, you can pre-book into a future session, which will then reset your expiration date (please note – do not worry about the expiration date on your email receipt). You will have access into all the classes on the timetable. This is all accounted for in your one-time payment of £39. (Please read our late cancellation policy carefully).

Why not start with our new class ROOK1E? An introductory class, this is perfect to get an understanding of how UN1T works, and give you a taster of our sessions!

What amenities do you have at UN1T?

We have the works! Shower facilities, hair dryers/straighteners, and shower towels are all provided (towels are £1 for ClassPass members). Sweat towels are provided for your session (trust us, you’ll need it!). If you would like to purchase water, we sell two types of bottles for £3.50 and £27. Just ask at the front desk!

It’s my first time! Which class should I start with?

Welcome to UN1T! We have 21 different styles of classes across 3 distinct disciplines: cardio, strength, and mobility.

We advise starting with one of our strength classes on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday to ease you into training at UN1T. Purchase our 14 day trial which gives you 8 classes to use in this time for £39 to begin your journey with us..

For those more advanced or confident, all of our classes offer a varied approach for achieving the same result: pushing you and your UN1T out of the comfort zone! Read through the different class descriptions below to pick your poison!

What are the different styles of classes on offer?


  • ENT1TY
  • GR1ND
  • ALLY
  • ZONE
  • ENG1NE
  • R1DGE


  • LEG1ON
  • BASE
  • CHA1N
  • SW1TCH
  • SET


  • PB
  • FUS1ON




  • Yoga for Athletes
  • Foam Rolling and Stretching


It’s My First Time! What do I need to know?

We advise members to arrive 15 minutes before class, so that you can find the studio and prepare for class. Our team will take you through the game plan, so you know exactly how to tackle the class. Check in with our front of house, pre-order a protein smoothie order, and mentally prepare for the session! Please make note we will not allow members to enter class if you are late*

How far in advance can I book a class?

Classes open 10 days in advance, so you can pre-book into prime-time spots.

What is the UN1T cancellation policy?

We operate a 10-hour cancellation policy. This policy is in respect of your fellow UN1T members. If you do not cancel your spot outside of this 10-hour window OR miss the class entirely, you are eligible to pay the cancellation fee of £5. Please note during your 14 Day Debut, you are eligible to pay the £20 drop in fee. If you are on a bundle pack, you will lose a session from your total classes.

I’ve loved my trial sessions. How do I become a member?

Super! We knew you’d love the classes! We offer both long term contracts, month to month rolling plans, and class bundles.

Monthly Unlimited Contract: £195 p/m

Six Months Upfront: £1,050

Off-Peak Membership*: £140 p/m (LB only)

20 Class Bundle: £350

10 Class Bundle: £180

5 Class Bundle: £90

Sub-25 Membership*: £95 p/m


*Restricted times apply. Please visit our MindBody retail page for the details*

I would love a post-class smoothie. How do I purchase one?

We partner with Neat Nutrition to whip up the most delicious protein smoothies in London. Pre-order at the front desk before your class to ensure your smoothie is ready once your class has finished. All smoothies can be made with vegan or whey protein and cost £5. This charge can be paid in cash, or on the credit card on file. Bring your own cup and get your smoothie for £4!

Do you have parking?

All parking is street parking outside both studios. Please budget in extra time to find a spot nearby!

What is the easiest way to get to the studio?

UN1T London Bridge – Our studio is located on Borough High Street, between Borough High Street Station and London Bridge Station. We are located next to Subway’s, and you must walk to the car park to access the staircase leading into the studio.


Membership Options:

  • Unlimited Monthly Subscription (3/6/12 months): £195
  • 6 Months Upfront: £1,050
  • Off-Peak Membership (LB only/ 6 months)**: £140 p/m
  • UN1T Sub-25 Club** – £95 per month

As an unlimited month-to-month subscriber to UN1T, your membership now includes:

  • Body Scan once every phase (1 for every 3 months of membership)
  • 2 x 1 Rep Max sessions per year (1 for every 6 months of membership)
  • UN1T Buddy Passes (1 for every 3 month agreement)
  • 20% off Smoothies! 


  • 20 Class Bundle: £350
  • 10 Class Bundle: £180
  • 5 class Bundle: £90

Drop in

  • Drop in: £20
  • UN1T 14 Day Debut: £39

Referral Program: For every member that you refer, you can redeem £50 off your last month’s membership! The more you refer, the more you earn!

**Subject to timetable restrictions**

UN1T Qatar: Marina Twin Towers, Lusail, Tower B, Floor 6
+974 4001 7742

UN1T Worldwide:

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