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We train as one to complete the day’s programme. Foundational and functional, UN1T classes have a focus on the basics: building strength, muscular endurance and mobility.

Our main goal is to bring back team conditioning workouts and help individuals improve their mental state, physical health and overall well being.


When it comes to our strength training, firstly, we aim to give members what is vital to making the improvements they desire; and that comes through progressive overload. Our programming is built over a 12 week phase, with each 12 weeks split into 4 weeks of Hypertrophy Training, 4 weeks of Strength and 4 weeks of Power. With the programming changing every 4 weeks, the body is constantly having to adapt to new stimuluses, and this is what leads to results! Not only are our sessions scientifically designed, with a focus on compound lifts, but our ethos of Training As One is always apparent, with members training in pairs or groups to push one another to continue to make that progression in a fun and motivating environment.


Our conditioning classes will push members beyond their comfort zones and reach levels they never knew existed! So get comfortable feeling uncomfortable in our conditioning  classes. With a strong emphasis on teamwork and working as a UN1T, our classes are designed to get people working beyond their limits, for their fellow members! With a little bit of competition thrown in a few times a week, this part of our philosophy really helps to build that bond and sense of community between our members, whilst giving an unparalleled workout!


We understand that being a well rounded athlete is about more than just being strong, fast and having endurance. Having the ability to move freely, without being restricted by stiffness or soreness is just as important. Mobility is essential for preparing the body for what is to come, but also to reduce the risk of injury and improve range of movement and technique. We have strength classes that include complimentary stretches and movements to the particular lift, as well as specific mobility sessions and equipment for members to use to help them become more rounded athletes.


UN1T sessions follow a pattern of Monday, Wednesday, Friday being strength days, Tuesdays and Thursday are team based conditioning, Saturday and Sunday’s are hybrid sessions that bring together the best of both worlds. UN1T’s 26 unique session structures follow a 12 week phased training program, consisting of hypertrophy, strength and power. This cycle is constantly repeated to maximise performance.

  • SET is designed for one thing. Lifting heavy. We got rid of the timers to give members the time they need to complete 6 perfect reps. Theres no throwing around weights in this class. Your coaches are on hand to help you learn and improve technique across 4 big compound lifts. So go lift heavy and push yourself!

  • Let your competitiveness shine in our incredibly popular SQUAD class. Take on other teams in your class to try and rack up as many points as possible across different UN1Ts. Push your team mates and together as a SQUAD you will all smash though barriers and push yourselves way beyond what you thought was possible. One things for sure, you better bring your A game.

  • This is the class where you set the TARGET. A hybrid of strength and conditioning exercises spread across 8 stations, pick from three possible TARGETs and be ready to give it everything. Accountability is the name of the game, so our coaches will be on hand to make sure the work rate never dips. A 3 minute core workout to finish the class ensures we build up that all important core strength.

  • CONVOY represents the perfect combo of compound lift and mobility movement. These mobility movements will encourage good form and technique during your compound lifts helping you build more strength. We cap off the class with a 6 minute, fat melting MET-CON. High heart rates and exercise for maximum calorie burn will have you leaving felling stronger and leaner.

  • The true test of mind over body, GR1ND is a conditioning class that will challenge all. A strategic blend of various timings per exercise will crank up that heart rate. Theres no chance of slowing down as we ratchet up the intensity with every 3 UN1T round. With the motivation and encouragement of all those around you, push past mental and physical boundaries as one.

  • The perfect blend of strength and conditioning. In PB you will spend half the class working through a series of big compound lifts. Then get ready to compete, as you and your team try to rack up as many points as possible across all the conditioning exercises! Do you and your team have what it takes to beat all the other PB classes


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      Whether you are a current UN1T member or just want to stay on top of the latest training and industry developments, our newsletter is packed with value and something you want to join in on.

         I accept the privacy policy T&C’s (read here)