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The benefits of pre-workout fuel

Whether you’re new to UN1T or a veteran member, you’ll know the importance of fuelling before one of our sweaty sessions. But finding the right food or drinks to have before a workout can be tricky. To get the low down on everything pre-workout related, we sat down with Matt Hunt to find out more. […]

Posted 19th Aug 2019

Benefits of sleep on your training and nutrition

Did you know the average adult in the UK gets just 6 hours and 19 minutes of sleep a night? That’s two hours under the recommendation of at least eight hours a night. A lack of sleep won’t just affect your ability to wake up and tackle the day ahead, it also can affect your […]

Posted 10th Jul 2019

No one sweats alone at UN1T

Did you know approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year? And suicide is the most common cause of death for men aged 20-49 years in England and Wales? The statistics are staggering, and in our ethos of training as one, we want to make sure no […]

Posted 17th Jun 2019

Meet team UN1T – Lucie Morgan

This week’s meet team UN1T is with Lucie Morgan. The latest trainer to join the crew, Lucie left the 9 to 5, trained as a personal trainer and is now bringing her infectious energy and positive vibes to the studio floor. We sat down with Lucie to find out more about how she got started […]

Posted 11th Jun 2019

Stay fit and healthy this summer

The summer months are around the corner and with the longer days and warmer months comes more weekend getaways, barbecues, and drinks al fresco. We truly believe in enjoying the summer (especially British summer!) and soaking up that much-needed vitamin D, so we’ve put together our top five tips to keep you fit, healthy and […]

Posted 11th Jun 2019

UN1T’S tips for your weekly meal plan

You’re ready to get your nutrition in check and fuel your training with the right foods to keep you feeling strong and fit. You’ve calculated your macros, know your calories, and the final step is creating your weekly food plan. But that’s sometimes where things get tricky. You want to keep your meals interesting and […]

Posted 20th Feb 2019

Replenish your body with Phizz

Did you know 60% of your body and 75% of your brain are made up water? And your body loses two to three litres of water during an average day? Add a sweaty UN1T class to that, and if you’re not refuelling the right way, your body is going to be suffering from dehydration and […]

Posted 20th Feb 2019

Train Smart to Train Hard at UN1T

Plan your perfect week at UN1T Strength, cardio and mobility – the three pillars of what makes up UN1T. Our classes focus on the basics: building strength, muscular endurance and mobility, and our goal is to bring back team conditioning workouts to help people improve their mental state, physical health and overall wellbeing. Every day, […]

Posted 19th Feb 2019

UN1T’s favourite gifts for your Valentine…or Galentine!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and besides sharing your love for burpees (we know you’re out there), UN1T have rounded up our top gifts for your Valentine…or galentine! For her… Wunder Under Crop II (Special Edition) Luon Scallop 24″ You can always catch a UN1T gal in our favourite Lululemon gear, but the Wunder Under […]

Posted 11th Feb 2019

Myth busting carbs – friends not foes!

New Year goals are in full swing, and that means more people are being mindful of their nutrition – especially those who’ve joined the UN1T Project. To help you smash your goals, we’re tackling nutrition myths that seem to creep up this time of year. First up: carbs – friends not foes. We’ve all heard […]

Posted 29th Jan 2019

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