What are the T's and C's of the The 7 Day Free Trial?

The 7 Day Free Trial provides you access to unlimited sessions over the course of 7 CONSECUTIVE days. The 7 Day Free Trial activates on the day of your FIRST SESSION. You will have access to all the classes on the timetable. If you cancel a class late (less than 10 hours before the class) or do not attend a class you have booked you will be subject to a cancellation fee the amount of which will depend on which studio you book with. This 7 day offer may not apply for all UN1T studios.

What amenities do you have at UN1T?

The UN1T Malta studio has toilets, showering facilities and hair dryers. Sweat towels are provided for your session (trust us, you’ll need it!).

It’s my first time! Which class should I start with?

Firstly, Welcome to UN1T! We have over 25 different classes across 3 distinct disciplines: conditioning, strength, and mobility. We advise starting with one of our strength classes on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday to ease you into training at UN1T. Purchase our 7 Day Free Trial which gives you unlimited classes to use in this time to begin your journey with us. For those more advanced or confident, all of our classes offer a varied approach for achieving the same result: pushing you (and your UN1T!) out of your comfort zone so jump into whichever class you fancy and our experienced coaches will lead you through the session.

What are the different styles of classes on offer?

CONDITIONING – high intensity classes working in blocks of time anywhere from 20s in our tabata class ENT1TY, to 2 minutes in our endurance class ENDURE, all the way up to 8 minutes in our team conditioning classes like ALLY or PYRAMID. 

STRENGTH – slower-paced classes with a focus on compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, and bench press. Using cleverly crafted blocks of time these compound movements are supplemented with accessory work on smaller muscle groups and every four weeks we move between muscular hypertrophy (3 sets x 10-12 reps) strength work (4 sets x 4-6 reps) and power training.

HYBRID – on Sundays we have classes which fuse cardio and strength training together for some of our toughest sessions on the timetable.

MOBILITY – Yoga for athletes is a class focused on stretching the big muscle groups we tend to target most in class – hamstrings, quads, lats etc – while easing you through some mobility and basic flow work.

It’s My First Time! What do I need to know?

We advise members to arrive 10 minutes before class so that you can find the studio and prepare for the session. Check in with our FOH team who will show you the amenities and introduce you to the trainers. They will take you through the game plan so you know exactly how to tackle the class and then you can mentally prepare for the session! All you will need is appropriate training clothes, a pair of trainers, a water bottle and you’re all set. Please note we do not allow members to enter class if you are late, due to health and safety reasons.

How far in advance can I book a class?

Classes open 14 days in advance so you can pre-book into prime-time spots.

What is the UN1T cancellation policy?

We have a strict 10 hour cancellation policy for late cancellations and no-shows.

I’ve loved my trial sessions. How do I become a member?

Speak to our FOH team after class or check out the membership options right here on our website to see what’s available for your studio. We offer long term contracts, month to month rolling plans and class bundles. Prices for these will vary depending on location and studio.

Do you have parking?

No, but parking in the area is free, easy and available.

Is it an open gym?

We are not an open gym. We work on a class-based format, running on average 8 classes per day from morning to evening. The studio is not available as an open gym outside of class times. We do offer 1-2-1 personal training for those looking.

How long are your classes?

Classes run to the hour, giving us time for a thorough warm up and cool down. Actual training time is approx 40 minutes.

Do I need to be fit already?

The short answer is no. We welcome every person into our classes from absolute beginners to advanced athletes. We have experienced coaches who can offer regressions on all exercises should you need it, we allow you to work at your own pace and our community is warm and friendly and will support you whatever level you are at.

When are your cardio classes?

Cardio (or conditioning) classes run every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Tuesday will be a team based cardio session where an element of competition pushes you to get more from the workout. Thursdays is more of an individual class, and Saturday is a big group session, training as one!

I want to lift weights, can I do that here?

Absolutely. We set the bar high when it comes to heavy lifting in a group class format. We have dumbbells that range from 2kg all the way to 40kg and we do a lot of barbell work including deadlifts, squats and bench press using Olympic bars and plates. We have structured our classes so that stronger athletes have the opportunity to lift heavy with all the necessary kit they might need whilst also supporting our members who are newer to lifting.

When are strength sessions?

Strength sessions fall on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We run a 12 week programme that cycles through hypertrophy training (muscle building), strength training, and power training (developing explosive strength) in 4 week blocks that run throughout the year.

Do you offer corporate sessions or private sessions for group classes?

Yes, bring the whole squad down to class! We can offer corporate memberships for groups that join from the same office or work place. For any corporate or general enquiries, contact our studio at

How do I book a session?

You can book a session right here on our website. Click on the ‘book a session’ tab at the top of the page.

Do you have a Referral Programme?

Yes, this is how it works and it’s fairly straightforward –

• If a referred friend buys 3-month membership (prepaid) – both get 10 class bundle valid for 1 month

• If a referred friend buys 6-month membership (prepaid) – both get 20 class bundle valid for 1 month

• If a referred friend buys 12-month membership (prepaid) – both get 1 extra unlimited month

Please note that:
– The referring member must be a member of UN1T for a minimum of 3 months to avail of this offer

– The referred member must not be a member of UN1T and we need to be informed by the referring member before the new member signs up. Referral rewards cannot be given retroactively.
– All rewards will be added to the end of the membership cycle. If you are on a rolling contract such as Pay Monthly or V1P, this can be paused while you use your class credit rewards and then reactivated once they are consumed.
– If the class bundle is not utilized within the 1-month expiry, unused credits will be lost.

– This referral programme cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offers such as flash sales, member giveaways, black friday deals etc

To participate in our referral program, send us an email on for guidelines on how to proceed.


Unlimited Membership Options:

Monthly Memberships:

1 month €150pm**
3 months €140pm**
6 month €125pm**

**Reduced full upfront payment memberships also available.


  • 20 Class Bundle: €240
  • 10 Class Bundle: €150
  • 5 class Bundle: €90

Drop in

  • Drop in: €20


  • 14 Day Unlimited Sessions Trial €40



Visit the booking page on one of our studio’s websites, to start training with us today, and understand how we can help you build strength, muscular endurance and mobility


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    Whether you are a current UN1T member or just want to stay on top of the latest training and industry developments, our newsletter is packed with value and something you want to join in on.

       I accept the privacy policy T&C’s (read here)